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Alexander Kanevsky

US Art, Culture
and Ideology


A painting in the window of a New Haven gallery

A painting in the window of this New Haven gallery set off a series of bureaucratic moves that resembled the children's game of telephone...
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Artist and Writer Doctor Alexander Kanevsky makes stagger the placidity of US Art, Culture, and Ideology


A phone call about a painting prompts a visit by the police - New Haven, Aug. 21
A citizen telephoned the office of Mayor John Destefano Jr. last week to register a complaint: There was an obscene painting hanging in the window of a small art gallery on Whalley Avenue and it aught to be removed. It was not exactly the kind of call to bother mentioning to the mayor... Read More

As the consequence of the article 180 contenders fought for the acquisition of the "Couple", highest priced at half million. Traffic at Kanevsky Art Gallery increased up to seventy people a day.
Mayor of New Haven John DeStefano offered the grand exhibition of 80 insuperable masterpieces of Doctor Kanevsky in New Haven City Hall that made its notch in world's history in January 2001.
For more on New Haven political ideological scandal on the report of ABC News visit Alexander Kanevsky Video page




Alexander Kanevsky's Couple 1997. Oil on Wood. 122 x 122 cm

Alexander Kanevsky's "Couple" 1997. Oil on Wood. 122 x 122 cm



Alexander Kanevsky in his Gallery

Alexander Kanevsky few months after the New York Times article in his Gallery. If there is still any one in the world who calls it pornography, please call 203-615-4457.

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